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March YPD Networking Event

Another successful event run from the YPD network. We had twice as many professionals there from our last event. It is great to see the network is growing, and at such a rate.

We had a great mix of Defence companies present with large primes such as BAE, Thales and representation from TE Connectivity, Ultra and others. Everyone had great conversation about what everyone did and key topics within Defence. We discussed platforms such as F-35 and what we are working on.
When I asked what people enjoyed most their top answers were:

  1. Being about to talk to people in the industry and build their networks
  2. Collaborate about key topics in defence that are really interesting
  3. Learn about other areas in Defence that they didn’t know before

Thank you to everyone who came to make a really good evening, we look forward to welcoming everyone again in June.

All the best,