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JIG-V Event: 1st Annual Information Vanguard (InVan) Conference

Date: Friday 18th October
Location: Horizon Hall Conference Facility at Rolls-Royce in Filton, Bristol

Time: 13:00 to 17:00

Event Details

Location & Format

The Conference will be held in the Horizon Hall Conference Facility at Rolls-Royce in Filton, Bristol. There will a drinks reception afterwards to be held in central Bristol, location to be confirmed. The conference will be split in two halves, with the first covering the work of the new JIG Vanguard (JIG-V) and the wider Young Professionals in Defence Activities. The second half will feature a number of exciting presentations from some of the most innovative companies in British Aerospace, presented in an ‘accelerated format’.

Who Should Attend?

The Conference is open to all, but has been especially designed with newer-entry professionals in MOD and the defence industry in mind, both in terms of content and networking opportunities.

To find out more information or register, visit the TDI website